I’m a professional

talking to older drivers; working with  elderly drivers; seniors driving

Professionals play an important and varied role in ensuring the safety of aging road users. Health professionals, social services, law enforcement, engineers, and other professionals, are all a part of the wider system that contribute to the safety of each and every road user. As individuals age, it is important that their changing needs are addressed so that they can continue to drive for as long as they can safely do so.

General Information

Gain a general understanding of population and road safety trends, as well as North Carolina driver licensing and driver medical review.

Healthcare and Human Services

Resources and information specific to medical practitioners and human/social service providers.

Law Enforcement

Resources and information for law enforcement on medical impairments that may impact driving and well as tools for handling traffic stops that may include a medically impaired individual.

Planning and Engineering

Resources and information on designing roadways to better address the needs of older road users.

Resources for Professionals

State, federal, and national resources aimed at professionals who are interested in advancing their understanding of the complex issue of older driver safety.

Order Free Informational Materials

Developed by the UNC Highway Safety Research Center, the NC Senior Driver Information Card is designed to help individuals, family members, and professionals better understand aging and driving.