I’m a driver

older woman with white-streaked hair smiling and holding up her car keys

Driving is a privilege that many enjoy for the freedom and independence it offers. On the other hand, it is also a responsibility that requires drivers to be safe behind the wheel throughout their lives. Understanding how aging affects driving, learning techniques for continued safety, and planning for driving retirement are all important for evaluating and determining your transportation options.

How Aging Affects Driving

Learn how physical and medical changes associated with aging can affect driving and how to deal with these changes as they occur.

Driving Safely

Information on how to continue driving as safely as possible by looking at your vehicle fit and features, assessing your driving skills, staying both physically and mentally fit for driving, and being prepared before each trip.

Planning Ahead

Learn about North Carolina driver license policies, setting reasonable driving limits, planning for driving retirement, and alternative transportation options.

Resources for Drivers

Valuable North Carolina and national websites that offer additional information and services for older drivers.